“We share the values of Creativity, Collaboration and Communication with our clients leading us to new challenges and future successes.”
KEIRO Architects & Design - Periti

KEIRO was founded with the conviction that design has the power to transform lives as it did with ours. We augment our clients’ vision with creativity and innovation while fully satisfying their needs and understanding their context. The final product is a transformation project which provides a solution to complex problems.

Functionality, space configuration, light and body proportion are the pillars of our architectural solutions. Features of interior design are emphasised by noble materials, sophisticated textures and subdued colouring leaving decoration to a minimum and contributing to a feeling of peace and order.

We are committed to maximising our clients’ resources and create regenerative designs out of them, which heal the clients’ local environments and their own wellbeing. Our goal is to create this kind of positive change for our generation and the ones to come.


Architects Keith and Rosianne set their minds to rethink the traditional practice and embrace the changing dynamics of the industry and the clients’ needs. The duo’s vision of their practice is to offer a comprehensive solution to their clients by bringing the different professions under one roof. The investment in technical infrastructure at their studio has enabled KEIRO to offer its clients with a full integration of services and products such as surveying, architectural design, planning authority applications, valuations, structural engineering, interior design, project management, 3d visualisations and graphic design under their sole distinctive label and clients have throughout the years looked for KEIRO because of this particular set up.

Architecture + Structures

KEIRO Architecture & Structures

Successful buildings capture the spirit of their surroundings, even as they assert their own identity. They’re visually appealing, healthy, comfortable, flexible, secure and efficient, a pleasure to be in. And they pay their way, adding real value for their owners and users.

KEIRO reflects our knowledge of how people and organisations use and experience place and space. We work collaboratively with clients, communities and end users to create buildings that work well on every level, inside and out. We deliver them with a consistently high standard of service.

Interior Design

KEIRO Interior Design

KEIRO designs interior spaces for living and working. Interior performance can be measured in human and organisational terms leading to higher productivity, greater creativity and innovation, increased patronage or sales. Hitting the mark means designing not just for visual impact, but also for health, comfort, flexibility and ease of use.

Our team works collaboratively and strategically to deliver innovation, quality and sustainable performance both for residential and commercial environments.

Home Staging

KEIRO Home Staging

Visitors to your property will form their first impression of the space within seconds. In this kind of tight real estate market you want to have all of the advantage you can.

KEIRO can help you stage your home in a stylish, tasteful way that will give you the advantage in the competitive home market. A home is most people’s largest purchase and staging your home will help inspire your potential buyer’s imagination to see themselves making it their home. Staging is a wise investment that will make your home more appealing to buyer’s right from the start.

3D Visualisation

KEIRO 3d Visualisations

We specialise in turning two-dimensional plans, drawing and floor plans into detailed three-dimensional renderings of near-photographic quality.

KEIRO can help you visualise how your new home or room will look before you embark on an expensive building, remodelling, or redecorating project. You can compare different layouts, surfaces, furniture, landscaping, accents, or finish materials to uncover your space’s hidden potential and determine what works best for you.